The Domino Garage Door Keypad provides today's busy families a quick and easy method for garage entry. Designed to work with all garage door openers, the Domino Garage Door Keypad is always available - kids don't have to remember a key and adults won't have to worry about carrying a transmitter ever again. Your personal code is easy to set and change - only ten seconds. The Domino Keyless Entry is lighted so you can easily see numbers at night.
Garage Keypad and Control

Replacement Garage Keypad
keypad lid
1 Lid - $8.00 rubber keypad Rubber Keypad - $10

2 Lids - $13.00
The Domino Entry Door Electric Strike Keypad (SC20) is an exterior/interior keypad system designed to control access on doorways equipped with an electric strike or magnetic lock. The SC20 is used wherever multicode, variable timing (including latch), and normally open or closed outputs are required. The lighted keypad is terminated with an RJ11 plug. The control module has terminals for the other electrical connections. Power requirements are 12-24VAC/DC.

Features Include
• "Constant" or "on-demand" lighted keypad
• Remote push button terminals on control module
• 5 amp capacity relays
• 20 user codes
• Keypad programming


• 6 different time delays, including "stay open"
• Use on any UL listed safety reverse opener with
  photo eyes.
• Does not override opener's safety features
• Never come home to an open door
• "Peace of Mind" at an affordable price
• Light sensor closes door when it gets dark
• "The automatic garage door closer"