"I appreciate how this electronic product is still Made-in-
America." It is solid, dependable and works in any weather."

C.O'Connor-Columbus, OH

"I would definitely recommend the Domino Keypad because of its ease in installation and for the best customer service I have had in a long time."
E. Goodale, Cincinnati, OH
Domino Engineering Corporation manufactures and distributes USA made quality keypads, garage door remotes, garage door timers and reversing systems. Other accessories for residential or commercial overhead and entry doors include garage door alarms, wireless alarm systems for garage and home area, and rain repelling garage door thresholds. We also perform contract electrical design, printed circuit board assembly, and parts packaging and assembling for start-up / established companies. Domino Engineering also provides affordable GPS tracking to companies requiring vehicle tracking and accountability.

"The keypad is outstanding." I had looked around when I was considering a keypad for our garage door opener which was an older model. I checked out prices and products from various companies and Domino Engineering was definitely the best to deal with. I had a few concerns when I inquired about the keypad and was assured it was not a difficult task to install and program. Keypad is up and functional and I would recommend this company to others. Great product, great customer service...prompt and quick shipping."

M Bauer-Emmaus, PA